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Panorama Stitcher help

Panorama Stitcher is an application for combining (also know as “stitching”) multiple photographic images into one composite image with higher resolution. The stitching process is automatic and relies on similarities in overlapping photo regions to properly align images. The app has support for two most common types of source image arrangements: spherical and planar. Spherical is a panorama taken by a rotating camera. Planar alignment method assumes the source images are taken by moving along a plane, like scans, microscope images, aerial maps etc.

How to take source images for a panorama

For better results keep in mind these simple rules while taking source images for a panorama:

How to take source images for planar stitching

Using Panorama Stitcher

First you can select the preferred alignment method with Alignment pop-up button. The default method is Spherical.

Then just drag and drop source images to the application window to start stitching. Alternatively you can use File->Import menu to select source photos. Stitching will start immediately and may take a while, so you will be presented with a progress bar.

After the stitching is finished you will see a preview of your panorama and its initial crop rectangle:

There are several controls for further panorama finetuning at the bottom of the window:

Once you like the result click Save button and select destination folder for the panorama. Once again you will be presented with a progress bar for the export operation.

Source images for the above panorama are available for download.

See also: Recommended camera settings for panorama stitching, How to avoid parallax error.

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